Refresh, reboot and relax with Roots Yoga on the beach, a private yoga class, or go all in by attending a Roots River House Yoga Retreat!

Welcome to Roots Yoga.  Welcome to natures studio.  We invite you to join us on the sand for an 'all' levels yoga experience.  More than just a class,   it's an opportunity to fully appreciate and connect with nature. An opportunity to experience the beauty of Lake Michigan and South Haven Beaches in a new, healthy and  fun way.  From Memorial Day to Labor day - start your day with intention and purpose.  Be happy, be healthy, be whole!

Class schedule and details.

Whether you're looking for a unique addition to your vacation, bachelorette party, family fun, an office wind-down or a one-on-one session, we're here for you!

Roots Yoga can come to you, or you can reserve the Roots River House studio.


Contact us for details and to book your private session.

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